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10 Reasons why epoxy floors will rule!

  • Modern but flexible 

Epoxy or resin floors which only made an appearance in our garages is now making it's way into our homes.  Epoxy creates an inviting interior by working well with modern and traditional design elements.

  • Bold and Bright

Epoxy floors are more durable than paint.  Risk takers are invited to play with bright unusual colours.  Epoxy your bathroom floor yellow,  your garage red, you colour options are endless.

  • Plays well with natural light

Epoxy floors are available in a wide range of finishes.  A light grey for example will create lots of shine due to sunlight, maximizing reflectivity.  A lighter floor colour will brighten up even those dark spaces.

  • Kitchen and bathroom friendly

Epoxy floors don't absorb water which makes them especially ideal for kitchens and bathrooms where surfaces are often wet.  All you need to do is towl dry the surface.

  • Stands up to heavy traffic

For those who entertain frequently, epoxy combats wear and tear of shoes, spills, children, chair legs and even pets.

  • Child friendly

Durable and softer than concrete, epoxy floors are ideal for children - even in neutral colours.

  • So scandinavian

Epoxy is available in shades of white, grey and other colours that mimic concrete.  Epoxy floors that mimic concrete pairs up well with scandinavian kitchen designs which are very popular right now.  A shade of grey epoxy floors to match the concrete countertops.

  • Reflection creates movement

A natural look epoxy enhances reflectivity and creates visual movement and interest.  Rugs aren't even needed

  • Nursery approved

Epoxy floors maintain hypoallergenic properties, making them more sanitary than carpets and easier to clean than hardwood floors.  If you miss the feeling of the soft carpet beneath your feet all you need to do is lay machine washable rugs on top of the epoxy floors, giving you the best of both worlds.

  • Seriously versatile

Any design type goes well with epoxy, adding rugs or metallic features to the room works.



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