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How to Epoxy Your Pool

How to Prepare the Surface:

  • Raw Plaster: Remove all dust, foreign material, Fungal and Algae growth. Fill all visible cracks with Retek Crack filler.
  • Previously Painted Surfaces: Remove all loose, flaking and bubbling paint. Remove all dust, foreign material, Fungus and Algae growth. Sand and wash down with Retek Heavy duty degreaser and allow to dry over night before Retek Epoxy pool coating is applied.

(Alternatively contact Retek coatings for more application instructions.)



  • Mix part A separately, then add part B and mix thoroughly.
  • Use epoxy roller.
  • Cover ± 3m²/kg at 250 microns dry film thickness.
  • If necessary two coats.
  • Drying time 24 Hours at 25ºC. Full curing after 7 days.


Cleaning of equipment:

Clean rollers and equipment with Retek Thinners 300.


Drying Time:

Fill pool with water after 7 Day’s.

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