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Why is Quality Flooring a Must-Have?

In the Aerospace Industry Epoxy Floors for hangers and, maintenance bays need to be durable, stain and chemical resistant.  Retek has a high quality epoxy which meets all the necessary unique needs which the Aerospace industry has.  Retek's Epoxy flooring has proven to be durable and spill resistant against water and chemicals found in the Aerospace industry.

-Flooring Needs of Hangers and Maintenance Bays:

  • Easy to clean.
  • Light reflectivity for easy removal of F.O.D.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Resistant to spills from chemicals, water, oil and grease.

-F.O.D (Foreign Object Debris):

Airplane hanger floors need to be clear of all debris.  A big concern is foreign objects getting into the mechanical working areas of an aircraft.  This is especially concerning in a maintenance hanger where critical components can be exposed while work is being done.

-Resistant Against all Types of Spills:

Maintenance bays and aeroplane hanger floors are subject to all types of spills from water to skydrol and cleaning chemicals.  A hanger floor should not absorb water or chemicals, and the liquids should not stain, degrade or etch the surface.

-Low Maintenance and Easy to Clean:

Hanger floors should be low maintenance and be easy to clean with an auto scrubber or by hand with a soft broom and mop so that dust, dirt, debris and spills can be quickly removed to provide a safe working environment.  Retek Epoxy floors provide low maintenance and easy cleaning options for the aerospace compaines.

-Retek Epoxy Flooring:

Retek Epoxy Flooring has proven to be durable and spill resistance against water and chemicals.  Retek epoxy flooring is affordable, resistant to chemical spills, extremely damage resistant and available in a wide variety of colours.

To find out more about how Retek Epoxy Floors can benefit your hanger or maintenance bay contact Retek-Protective Industrial Coatings. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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