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Tips to Help you Look After Your Epoxy Floor.

Epoxy floors are easy to maintain and will last years and years with the proper maintenance.

  • Sweeping your Epoxy floor daily with a soft-bristled broom or mechanical sweeper will remove foreign material and dust that can dull the finish of your epoxy coating.
  • Washing the floors with soap and water is advisable at least once a week to remove stains which helps to enhance the appearance of the floor.
  • Clean spills as soon as possible.
  • Even the toughest epoxy coating can suffer nicks and scratches over time.  For that reason, we recommend that you do not slide, drag or roll pallets or other items with rough or uneven surfaces across your floor.
  • Even the best epoxy floors will eventually begin to dull or accumulate scratches over time and for this reason keep recoats in mind.  Maybe every 2-4 years helping your floor last longer.

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