In addition it is washable and light fast and can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and other areas such as corridors where heavy traffic might be encountered


Very wash exhibits the following features:

|  Soft glowing sheen

|  Its fully washable even after years of exposure

|  It is stain resistant and will remain so

|  It will resist the formation of glossy spots where contact is made such as on corners

|  It comes on an existing range of colours

|  It has superior hiding power

|  It is mould and water resistant and will not blister if used correctly

|  It contains no harmful agents

|  It has an agreeable odour on application which will disappear in a short period of time

|  It is manufactured from a high quality acrylic emulsion that has high extensibility

|  Excellent adhesion

|  Water based, so cleaning of equipment is a feast

|  Only requires one or two coats on most surfaces

|  Can easily be over coated


Very wash can be used on the following surfaces:

|  Brick

|  Cement plastered walls

|  Gypsum based plaster and gypsum board

|  Wood and wood-based products

|  Previously painted surfaces (pre-treatment might be required, depending on the surface)


Application procedures

|  Clean all surfaces from dust, oil or other contaminants

|  If necessary a primer or sealer can be used depending on the nature of the substrate.

|  Defects can be filled with an appropriate filler

|  Very wash can be applied by roller, brush or roller

|  Stir thoroughly before use

|  Apply one or two coats of Very wash, allowing a drying time of about two hours between coats

|  As this material is very easy to apply, care should be taken not to overspread

|  After application, the equipment and any spillage can be cleaned with water and soap followed by thorough rinsing with clean water


Maintenance of Verywash painted surfaces

Surfaces that have been coated with Verywash are very easy to maintain – Just wash with an ordinary household cleaner or soft soap by using a soft cloth and it will be restored to its original pristine condition.


Product information

|  Verywash is supplied in 1,5 and 20 litre containers

|  A wide range of colours is available

|  It has spreading rate of 10-12 Metres² per litre (depending on colour)