Recommended uses

This is a cost effective flooring system which can be applied over your existing or new concrete, wood, metal, ceramic or quarry tiles.

|  Ware Houses

|  Workshops

|  Industrial Plants

|  Walk Ways

|  Panel Beaters

|  Filling Station Drive Way’s

|  Laboratories


Colours: See RAL colour chart.


Application ( Caution This is a hazards product. Always use  protective glasses, respirators and gloves)

|  All surfaces should be cleaned from all loose debris, dust, oils, grease, animal fats etc.

|  Mix part A separately, then add Part B and mix thoroughly

|  Use Epoxy roller, brush only recommended for corners and touch-up.



|  250 microns - ± 3m²/Per Kg.

|  500 – 1000 microns - ± 1.5m²/Per Kg.


Drying Times

± 48 Hours at ± 20ºC.


Free delivery in Gauteng on Tuesdays and Thursdays for all orders over R1000.

Standard courier charges apply in all other provinces of South Africa.

Bulk delivery rates are negotiable thoughout Africa.

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