Recommended uses

General anticorrosive two component primer over steel surfaces.  Retek Epoxy Zinc Phosphate primer may also be used as an intermediate coat, with a Retek Poly urethane top coat.  Used for structural steel, pipes in the petrochemical and chemical processing and other facilities.


Colours:  Green, Grey



|  Sandblast surfaces to ISO-SA2½ blasting profile 40-70 microns or power clean as per SANS 10305-5:2005


Application  ( Caution This is a hazards product. Always use  protective glasses, respirators and gloves)

|  Mix part A separately, then ad part B and mix thoroughly.

|  Thinned with Retek Thinners 30 if necessary.

|  Use air spray with sufficient air volume and a 1,8-2mm nozzle.



|  ± 8m²/kg – 50 microns dry film thickness

|  Recommended humidity - 50


Volume Solids

The minimum dry film thickness should be a minimum of 70 microns.  The product will contain approximately 60% solids by volume, unless other wise stated. 


Drying Time

5 Hours at 20ºC


Shipping weight

|  Part A + B – 5kg

|  Retek Thinners 30 – 5kg


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