5 Easy Tips to painting your home


Here is 5 helpful tips to brighten your paint project.

1. Temperature, dries the wall.
    21°C is the perfect temperature for painting the room. The paint will be smoother and will absorb faster.
2. You aren’t finished until the wall is done.
    Start by painting one walls edges and continue painting the same wall. This ensures brush strokes and roller marks to blend.
3. Prep your painting Equipment
    Prepping is important to ensure a smoothly painted wall. Before splashing paint on the rollers, remove stray fiber with warm water and dishwater soap.
4. Intense color equals more work.
    Intense colors are more likely to fade and touch-ups at a later stage are difficult and the shades will differ. The secret is to choose wisely.
5. Estimation will cost you less
    Perfect planning will prevent you from driving countless times to the paint shop and buying too much paint for one room. Just remember 3.78541L of paint, paint 400 square feet.