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Poly Urethane exhibits the following features:

|  Available in any colour required. See RAL colour chart.

|  Solid contents can be customized for application.

|  Low maintenance

|  Highly resistant to acids & alkalis

|  Highly flexible

|  Long shelf life


Poly Urethane can be used on the following surfaces:

|  Petrochemical

|  Vessel Linings

|  Chemical Industrial

|  Pipe Lines

|  Steel Structures

|  Exterior surfaces

|  Galvanized Sheeting


Finishes available

|  High Gloss

|  Semi-mat


Application procedures  ( Caution This is a hazards product. Always use  protective glasses, respirators and gloves)

|  Surface preparation is the most critical part of the coating procedure.  The surface preparation will vary according to the initial substrate condition, expected service life and general environment conditions.  Optimum preparation for metals will provide a surface cleaned of all contaminates.  Abrasive blasting is recommended to SA 2 – SA 2.5, with a surface profile of 60 microns.


Primer Required

|  Normally applied over Retek Zinc Primers


Topcoat required

|  Normally None



|  Mixing should be done at temperatures between 3ºc - 30ºc.  The dual pack will contain the correct amount of A-Activator and B-Base.  If smaller amounts are to be mixed, the mix should be strictly kept at 3 Parts A – 1 Part B volume.  Under no circumstances should any solvents be added to the product.  It is advised that only the usable amount should be mixed for application.  When the A-Activator and the B-Base are mixed in a container, it should be stirred for approximately five minutes. 



|  75Microns – 7.2 m² per litre

|  125 Microns – 4.3m³ per litre

|  Dry film thickness required (microns)

|  Please note that the suggested dry film thickness of the product should be a minimum of 75 microns and a maximum of 125 microns.  The product will contain approximately 54% solids by volume, unless otherwise stated.



The product can be applied by conventional spray gun, airless spray gun, roller or brush.  Care should be taken to clean all equipment after use.  Solvents to clean spray guns, airless spray guns etc is available from FIRM.


Working Time

6 Hours at 25ºc


Curing Schedules

|  Average drying time at 25ºc & 505 RH

|  Touch dry – 3 hours

|  Overcoatable – 5 hours

|  Handable – 12 hours

|  Normal Traffic – 48 hours

|  Chemical resistant – 168 hours




Respirators should be used when applying the product in enclosed areas, which do not have adequate ventilation.  See safety data sheet.


Free delivery in Gauteng on Tuesdays and Thursdays for orders over R1000.

Standard courier charges apply in all other provinces of South Africa.

Bulk delivery rates are negotiable throughout africa.

Contact us for more information: 082 527 2531


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